Rare Meissen Porcelain.

Meissen porcelain
Saucer and tea cup
Teacup and saucer
Circa 1765

Saucer and cup
Circa 1745

Tea caddy and cover
About 1765

Rare Meissen bowl
About 1725
The Meissen Goldchinesen saucer
Goldchinesen saucer
Circa 1730

Teapot and cover
Circa 1765.

Saucer and teacap
About 1750

Vodka bowl and stand.
About 1745


In addition to chinoiseries, another decorative theme favored at Meissen during the 1720's and  1730's was the" harbor scene". Polychrome or monochromatic views of harbors with ships, wharfs, dockside warehouses, and bales of cargo were typical. At times, harbor scenes were done in pseudo -Oriental or Near Eastern settings, the figures being clothed in Oriental as well as European styles. Some harbor scenes are attributed to C. F. Herold (1700-1779) who was one of the outstanding painters at Meissen from 1725 to 1778.