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R. Caton Woodville.
Item: #PA015


This is an original watercolor by Richard Caton Woodville (1856 - 1927 ), well listed British artist. Signed and dated 1910 in the lower left corner. Very good condition, the image size is 7 3/8" X  8  1/4", with mat and frame 12 3/4" X 13 3/4"
Woodville, Richard Caton Born London 1856; died there 1927.
Woodville was the most prolific 'battle' artist of the nineteenth and early twentieth century in Britain, producing countless oil paintings and drawings, many for the Illustrated London News. He was destined to be a very talented artist due to his lineage. His father was also a war painter and the author of a famous picture entitled: "The Game of Chess", and his mother was extremely talented in portraiture. His father died before he was born.
R. Caton Woodville's work was primarily completed from memory due to the fact that his subjects were generally involved in quick action. Despite this, however, he was accurate to the last detail - no buttons or straps were missing in his paintings. He was particularly talented at describing horses in action although the people in his paintings are also expressive but not to the same degree. It has been written that he lacked in depicting the realities of war, however, he has been known to be quite good at representing this area. His paintings are a pictorial history of the brave soldiers of the British Nation.

There are 3 original paper labels affixed to the reverse  side reading:
1 - Property of The Bellman Company.
2 - Personal Property of William C. Edgar.
3 - F.J. Willimann. Fine Art Store. Minneapolis.