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Leslie Thrasher.
Item: #PA012



Leslie Thrasher, as did nearly every top illustrator at the turn of the century, began his career under the tutelage of the legendary Howard Pyle. However, it did not take the talented artist long to make his own mark in the field. Thrasher quickly earned a reputation as one of the top artists in his profession. Liberty magazine signed him to a long term contract (virtually unheard of at the time) to produce their famous series of "continuity" cover illustrations in the mid- to late-1920's. That series, known as "For The Love o' Lil," became so popular with readers that his characters were eventually featured in both a big screen film and a radio serial of the same title. Today, Thrasher's name is as synonymous with Liberty as is Norman Rockwell's with The Saturday Evening Post. Thrasher's talent, however, was not limited to magazine covers, as he also contributed to a number of well known advertising campaigns including Cream of Wheat and Chesterfield.
Original oil on canvas by Leslie Thrasher, cover art for October 29, 1928 edition of Liberty magazine, flawless condition, signed lower right, 16" x 20". This classic Liberty magazine cover art is entitled A Political Meeting in '28. Accompanied by an original copy of the 1928 edition of Liberty magazine on which this work appears.