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Royal Vienna - inkwell .
Item: #P009

Royal Vienna Inkwell - Royal Vienna
Royal Vienna - inkwell set, about 1770 - 1780. Mark: basic shield mark in under glaze blue.  Tray: L 10 1/8". Inkwell: H 2 3/8". There are a total of seven pieces and it is in absolutely perfect condition. The porcelain liners for the ink are there. The inkstand is on rectangular shape with notched corners. The center interior is hand painted with polychrome riverside scenes of merchants and their wares and a numerous boats and buildings in the background. The scenes rest on elaborate pedestal painted in gold and shadowed with black lines. On the side of the frame are two shelves with a single Chinese figure painted in purple monochrome. The try is also painted with a large colorful flower and smaller scattered flowers. The two inkwell are painted with a similar polychrome scene. The Vienna porcelains fall into three main periods: the Du Paquier period from 1718 to 1744; the Imperial and Royal manufactory from 1744 to 1864; and the post- 1864 private enterprises. It should be stated at once that most "Vienna- type" porcelains, usually bearing the shield mark of the Imperial period were made well after the main factory had been closed in 1864! The genuine shield mark will be in under glaze blue ( not in over glaze enamel) and it will be hand- painted. Consequently it should show slight irregularities in the drawing, unlike a later printed copy. The Du Paquier porcelains are unmarked and are extremely rare. In addition to the standard mark many examples made from about 1784 bear impressed year numerals, using the last two digits. After 1800 the last three digits appear. In general the Vienna hard- paste porcelain are rather thicker in the potting than the German; they are consequently rather heavier in weight.