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Meissen - teacup & saucer.
Item: #P008

Meissen teacup and saucer


Meissen teacup
MEISSEN - teacup and saucer, in the manner of Francois Boucher, circa 1770. Cup: height 1 7/8", saucer: diameter  5 1/4"  Mark: crossed swords and dot in under glaze blue on cup and saucer. Painter's(?) mark impressed on cup. The saucer interior and teacup exterior are decorated in purple monochrome with a cherubs perched on clouds. The interior rim of the cup and saucer has gold bands. The bottom interior of the cup decorated with purple flowers. The vogue for cherubs and putti " in the French taste" began at   Meissen around 1755, and the decoration is clearly inspired by similar subjects on porcelain made at the French royal factory at Sevres. While the Sevres painters, however, were often directly inspired by drawings and engravings by Francois Boucher (1703 - 1770 ) and depicted delightfully voluptuous and playful cherubs, the Meissen counterparts appear serious and labored in comparison. The fashion for such decoration continued until about 1780. Good shape with no crack or chips, some wear to the surface and rim.